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ODP News

Regional International Trip Selections
The following ODP players have been selected to the Region I ODP teams traveling internationally this spring.
1999 Boys Trip to Spain                                                1999/2000 Girls Trip to Spain
Bryce Gablehart                                                              Mackenzie Graham
2000 Boys Trip to Scotland                                           2001/2000 Girls Trip to Italy
Josh Luchini                                                                   Sophia Hudson
Tate Mohoney
Moshe Simpson
Nick Williams
2001 Boys Trip to Italy                                                   2001 Girls Trip to Costa Rica
Dane Jacomen                                                                Myla Sharpless
Ethan Burawa                                                                  Sarah Sinnott
Alex Gordon
Philip Vollmer


2003 Boys Trip to England
Zachary Lorenz
2016-17 Region I ODP Pools
Congratulations to the following players who made the Region I ODP Pool.  These players were selected based upon their performance at the Region I ID Camps during the summer of 2015.
 Andrew Chwalik '99     Makenzie Graham '00                         
 Bryce Gabelhart '99     Sophia Hudson '00
 Jonah Moore '99  Myla Sharpless '01
 Moshe Simpson '00  Rebecca Libby '01
 Josh Luchini '00  Sarah Sinnott '01
 Tate Mohney '00  Molly Piso '02
 Ameer Caprini '00  Sarah Schupansky '03
 Luke Mort '00  Isabella DaPra '04
 Nick Williams '00  Hailey Longwell '04
 Jackson Brandwene '01  Leah Williams '04
 Connor Hudson '01   Emma Van Meter '04
 Philip Vollmer '01  
 Alex Gordon '01  
 Dane Jacomen '01  
 Ethan Burawa '01  
 Nicholas Graeca '02  
 Ryan Augustine '02  
 John Ross Hartley '03  
 Zachary Lorenz '03  

Learn More About Region I
PA West Soccer is one of 15 state associations affiliated with Region I within US Youth Soccer. 

What It Takes To Be A Successful Player
US Youth Soccer's former Technical Director John Ellinger offered a paper with insight into what it took to be a successful ODP player.  But the information in "What It Takes To Be Successful in US Youth Soccer ODP" can be used by any player to improve their game 

Any Questions about ODP: Contact Terry Eguaoje, Director of Coaching at 

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