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State Registrar:  Cheryl Mignogna...412-856-8011

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Declaration Deadline
Teams playing in the spring must be declared by March 1 of the year, unless otherwise indicated by league rules.

Teams playing in the fall must be declared by August 1 of the year, unless otherwise indicated by league rules.

Activation Late Fees 
The Executive Board approved the adoption of late fees for teams missing scheduled activation times. Clubs will be charged 50.00 per team for each team not activated by the appointed time. Clubs will face an additional 100.00 per team late fee for each team not activated by the date set as the close of the activation period. The maximum total late fees charged per club will be capped at 1,000.00.

Registration Fees For 2019-20 Season
Player Fees
In-house/Recreational - 12.50 per player
Div 4-6 - 17.50 per player (club registering inhouse and travel players with us)
Team Fees
Div 4-6 - 25.00 per team

Clubs registering travel teams only; except for clubs joining as travel-only clubs prior to 2012
Player Fees

Div 4-6 - 22.50 per player
Team Fees
Div 4-6 - 50.00 per team

Academy Players - 17.50 per player
Team Fees
Classic U12 (9 v 9) - 398.00
Div 1-Div 3...U12-U19 - 479.00 (per team if sponsoring 5 or more teams)
Div 1-Div 3...U12-U19 - 554.00 (per team if sponsoring 2-4 teams)
Div 1-Div 3...U12-U19 - 654.00 (if sponsoring only 1 team)
Additional players over 18 - 23.00 per player

All player and team fee payments are due at time of registration with district or division registrar. Fees are only payable by club check. Checks must be payable PA West Soccer.

Birth Year/Age Group Matrix:  Click Here

Historical in-house registration numbers will be used to confirm clubs meeting the requirements for lower travel player registration rate.

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