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Due to recent problems in some of its leagues the Adult Division decided to do something about violence among its players. To that end, a committee was established (Mike Hill-Chair), which came up with a set of recommendations. The Amateur Division that passed the new violent conduct rules which apply in four of its leagues: PMSL, PSSA, PSMSL and WGPSL. These new rules are below:

Existing Disciplinary Sanctions
For the WGPSL, PSSA, PSMSL and PMSL leagues we need to have specified sanctions for each type of offense. We will continue to impose the existing sanctions for all yellow card and red card offenses. The committee will continue to look into additional sanctions and the effectiveness of any agreed sanctions. Red card incidents involving conduct or threats of violent conduct against any player or referee will carry additional sanctions.

Approved Disciplinary Sanctions of Violent Conduct
Additional and specific sanctions must be imposed for incidents of violent conduct. These sanctions must be targeted appropriately at the individual offending player or at teams in the event of a large incident or brawl or in the event of repeated incidents by the same team.

Player sanctions - For a red card incident involving violent conduct before, during or after a game the player involved will be suspended for the remainder of the game and 2 further games and fined $100.00. The player's card will not be returned until he has paid the fine, which is to be collected by his team. The fine will be deducted from the teams performance bond if the fine remains unpaid at the end of the season.
Repeated incidents by the same player during the same year (Fall, Summer & Spring sessions) will result in a $100.00 fine on the player and suspension for 4 games with a mandatory disciplinary hearing at which additional sanctions may be imposed including a temporary or permanent suspension from the league.

Team sanctions - If two or more players from the same team are involved in a single violent conduct incident in the same game then the team will be fined $100.00 in addition to fines and suspensions imposed on the individual players involved. The team fine will be paid from the teams performance bond.
Repeated offenses by the same team will result in additional sanctions. If a team is involved in 3 or more separate violent conduct incidents in the same season (Fall, Summer & Spring) then the team will be fined $100.00 in addition to fines and suspensions imposed on the individual players involved. There will also be a mandatory disciplinary hearing for the team and possible additional sanctions including additional fines, deduction or cancellation of points or temporary or permanent suspension from the leagues. The team fine will be paid from the teams performance bond.


The Pittsburgh Over 30/40/50 Soccer Leagues were established in the hopes of giving the recreational type player as well as the more established one a chance to play in a relaxed atmosphere (not blood and guts). It is important that each club gets to its players with this non-aggressive philosophy. Standings though kept, should not be the only reason for the games. PLAY FOR THE FUN OF PLAYING. To this end the league has altered some FIFA rules so as to make the game a little less argumentative, aggressive or violent. To enforce this philosophy I will require the cooperation of all the referees working the games. In case of indecision please err on the side of safety and call a tighter game if needed. In line with this approach, dissent will not be tolerated. The refs are asked to enforce the no dissent rule by use of first verbal warning and then yellow and red bookings.

All FIFA & PA WEST rules will apply except where the League has altered them (as in the no slide tackle or the 20 minute quarters). Refs please remember that if you keep close control of the game with early cardings the games will get easier in the long run. Also remember that no dissent is tolerated in these leagues.

In line with PA WEST rules the NO CARD or NO LINE-UP or NO ROSTER-NO PLAY will be strictly enforced. The only exception to this rule is in the Over 50/s where any player registered in the O/50 League can play on any O/50 team.

If a team is short of the minimum players and wants to play pick-up the refs are at that point discharged. If they ref the rest of the game it's at their own risk. If a team is playing with seven players and one is required to leave the pitch (injury or caution), the play may continue till the end of that period. The next period may not commence without the minimum of seven players on the field.

The referees must be paid before the start of every game. Referees are also requested to be more protective of the goalies. To this end if the goalie has the ball stopped even if only one finger (this is called possession in our league), please keep all players off him. Again, err on the side of safety. Use cards if necessary to enforce this.

Slide tackles are automatic dangerous plays (including those done by goalkeepers) and will be called as such (indirect kick). As with any other persistent infringements of the laws, players should be carded for continuing the use of slide tackles.

O30 games are to be made up of two forty-five minute halves. O40 and O50 games are made up of four twenty minute quarters with five minutes rest at the half and two minutes during the quarters, however if both teams agree two forty minute halves can be played. Unlimited substitutions as at any stoppage. Any player may leave the playing field without referee permission (injury or tiredness) however neither he nor a replacement is allowed entry until the ref gives permission.

O40 league games only, when a player receives a yellow card he must leave the pitch for a cool-off period (he can be substituted for).

The refs will report all bookings (yellow and red cards) as well as any injuries or any other pertinent information to the PA West Soccer office at 111 Whitehead Lane, Suite 200, Monroeville, PA 15146. All reports and player cards will also be sent there. Please be very careful in reporting any accidents at the same time. Please also pull the cards of ejected players and forward with the rest of the materials to PA West Soccer.