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Youth Board Notes - May 2018

Youth Board Notes
May 15, 2018
  • Approved Rule #1 - Cub Pass Players:  Up to 4 players for 12U and younger and up to 7 players for 13U and older of an equal or lower age group and Division from within the same Club, not exceeding maximum roster size, are allowed to participate in regular league games. For this rule D1-D3 are considered one and the same Division. For this rule D5 and D6 are considered one and the same Division.


  • Approved Rule #2 - Eliminated the requirement for teams to play in D4 based on the number of competitive players.
  • Rule #3 Failed?
  • Approved Rule #4 - Declarations for Divisions 1-3 are due on or before July 15 for Fall and Feb. 1 for 12-14U and Feb. 15 for 15U and older for Spring.
  • Approved Rule #5 - Removed the passage of Classic to receive rule proposals prior to Youth Board.
  • Approved Rule #6 - Updated NSCAA with USC to reflect the organization name change in the rules.
  • Approved Rule #7 - Requires players and coaches to served suspension for dismissals in any game with primary team.
  • Approved Rule #8 - Sets the Tuesday after the first weekend in June as the start of tryouts.
  • Rule #9 - Failed
  • Rule #10 Failed
  • Rule #11 Failed
  • Approved #12 - Corrects 13U rosters to 22 from 18 and 12U rosters to 16.
  • Rule #13 Failed  
  • Rule #14 Failed

Coaching Clarification:

- All currently licensed coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers (if they are on the roster) are qualified

- Starting September 1st, and within one year, all new coaches, assistant coaches and team managers (if they are on the roster) must obtain an age appropriate license for the age/ format that they are coaching. 

- Exceptions to these rules must be granted by the PA West DOC

  • Approved submitting a Bylaw amendment proposal allowing rules to be changed twice per year.


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