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Youth Board Notes - May 2017

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Youth Board Notes
May 8, 2017
-Approved renaming the divisions; Classic - Divisions 1 and 2, Division 3 was Division 4, and Divisions 5 and 6 now Divisions 4 and 5.
-Approved eliminating division requirements for teams exceeding competitive player limits.
-Approved expanding the number of permitted club pass players to 7.
-Approved redefining Classic as Saturday play and up to U20.
-Approved aligning game dimensions with those in US Soccer's Player Development Initiative.
-Voted to decline a proposal allowing Division 1 and Division 4 teams to be the same teams.
-Granted an exception to correct a clerical error in the rostering of Zane Ingram on a team to which he had no involvement.
-Approved the nomination of Chris Grine as the Presidents Cup Chair.


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