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New SYRA Appointed
Mark Mazzeo was appointed to fill the SYRA vacancy created when Justin Frear resigned last month.  Mazzeo has been serving as the webmaster for the referee web site.  He is also an instructor and assessor.

Referee Education Course Information
For information about re-certs and entry-level courses please click here.  For more info contact Peggy Neason.

Hey Ref!  Do You Have Your Background Check?
All adults planning to referee must have a current clearance; that's a clearance that has been completed within the last two years and won't expire before the end of the current playing session.  PA West Soccer accepts clearances in the form of PA Act 33/34 clearances or those completed through the PA West Soccer online system.  To apply for clearance using the PA West Soccer system click here.

Be sure to complete the form and select a payment method before closing your browser.  If you close your browser before completing the entire application process it will cancel the application.

If you're unsure about the expiration date of your current clearance please contact your club Risk Management Coordinator.

US Soccer Unveils Online Training Module
Learn the Laws of the Game with US Soccer's online training modules.  There are 17 modules, one for each law, and they're a great way to get a head start on understanding the laws of the game.

USSF Position On Extra Persons On The Field
The US Soccer Federation has issued a position paper on dealing with extra persons on the field.  The paper offers suggestions for dealing with a variety of situations.  The paper is posted on the Referee Memo Page.

USSF Posts Info on Penalty Kick Deception
The USSF Referee Committee has provided direction, along with video examples, on penalty kick deception.  The information is available on the USSF web site.

Information For New Referees
Are you a new referee?  Do you have a few questions unrelated to the Laws of the Game?  You're not alone and now USSF has published some information to help you.  To view the most recent memorandum from USSF titled "Information For New Referees" click here.

Important Information For All Referees
All referees should obtain the following information prior to accepting a match assignment:
    1) The match or tournament is a sanctioned event through one of the USSF affiliate members (US Youth Soccer, US Adult Soccer, AYSO, etc.);
    2) The assigned match is within the limitations (competition level and age group) of the referee’s/assistant referee’s present grade certification;
    3) All members of the referee crew, assigned to the match, are within the limitations for their present grade certification;
    4) All members of the referee crew are certified for the present year (2008).

USSF Issues Memo On Padded Goals
US Soccer has issued a memorandum on the use of padded goals.  Click here to review