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USSF Referee Memorandums

To: State Presidents, State Referee Committee Chairs, State Referee Administrators, State Youth Referee Administrators, State Directors of Instruction, State Directors of Assessment, National Referees, National Assessors

cc: Dan Flynn, Jay Berhalter, Referee Committee 

From: Julie Ilacqua, Managing Director of Federation Services

Re: Referee Uniform Additions

Date: February 19, 2003

Please be advised that at the last two board meetings of the United States Soccer Federation Board of Directors, additions to the approved referee uniform for USSF referees were adopted.

The additions to the referee uniform approved by the USSF Board of Directors are as follows: 

  • Long black socks with the USSF Referee Crest Logo on the cuff for all referees 
  • Gold T-shirt with black v-neck and the words "Recreational Referee " in black over the left breast pocket for Grade 9,10 and 11 referees 
  • Black T-shirt with white v-neck and the words "Recreational Referee"  in white over the left breast pocket for Grade 9,10 and 11 referees 
Please note:

The newly approved black sock with the USSF Referee Crest Logo does not replace the existing sock with the 3 white stripes on the cuff.  Either sock is appropriate.

The gold and black T-shirts are approved for use by Grades 9,10 and 11 only, and has been offered as a means to provide an official uniform for referees at that level in the most cost effective manner.  Either shirt is an option for referees at these grades as long as the shirt is not in conflict with the jerseys of either team on the field.  Either T-shirt jersey should be worn with black shorts, either of the approved socks, and black shoes.

Grade 9, 10 and 11 referees may also wear the approved standard uniform jerseys if they wish. The gold and the black T-shirt jerseys are intended to provide a cost-effective option to referees working our youngest, recreational games and are not meant to be a replacement for the standard jerseys for these grades.  It is the referee's choice which jersey type will be worn.