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Pre-game/Post-game Procedures For Teams and Referees

These are the procedures to be used for check-in and return of passes for all Youth Division Travel games. These procedures should be used in accordance with those already addressed by the Youth Division Playing Rules and the Laws of the Game.

Pre-game Procedure:
-Line-up cards, players should be listed alphabetically (last name first—as found on the team roster) with their uniform number. Unfinished cards will be returned for completion.

-Player passes, passes should be given to the referee in alphabetical order (same as found on line-up card and roster) with coach’s passes at the end. Out of order passes will be returned for correction.

-Each team’s coach is responsible for submitting two completed line-up cards to the referee prior to the game. The cards should not be signed.

-The referee shall keep one line-up card from each team. He will give each team’s second unsigned line-up card to the opposing team prior to the start of the match.

-Procedure for check-in: One referee will check the line-up card and call the players forward for equipment and uniform check. Another referee will check the roster. The third referee of the crew will check the player/coach’s passes.

-The referee shall hold a line-up card and roster for each team and passes for all players and coaches until the completion of the game.

Post-game Procedure:
-The Referee registers the score on the two remaining line-up cards and has each coach sign his team’s line-up card to verify the score being recorded. The signature can be from any of the coaches listed on the roster.

-The referee then returns the rosters and player/coach’s passes to each team*. He gives the signed line-up cards to the winning coach or coach of the home team in the event of a tie per PA West Soccer Youth Division Playing Rules.

*In the case of a red card or send-off during the match, the offending player or coach’s pass must be kept and sent to the State Office with a completed game report. Referees must file misconduct reports with the State Office within 48 hours.

Reports must be filed for all injuries, red and yellow cards of a player or caution or ejection of a coach, and any abuse or referee assault.