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Request for Upgrade/Assessment

Submit request to: (All options)
- At time of re-certification, mark the appropriate box on the registration form
- Online request via the PA West Soccer web site to SDA by email at
- In writing to the State Director of Assessment (SDA)
- In writing to the State Referee Administrator (SRA)

Submit a check for assessment fees:  (Checks made payable to PA West Soccer)

Fee must be paid before assessment can be conducted
- $35.00; Upgrade from 8 to 7
- $60.00; Upgrade from 7 to 6
- $70.00; Upgrade from 6 to 5
- $35.00; Maintenance Grade 7
- $60.00; Maintenance Grades 6 & 5

Contact a Games Assignor:
- Upgrade from 8 to 7; U-19 or higher level, competitive match is necessary
- Upgrade from 7 to 6; Two (2) games as the Center referee & one (1) as AR.  One of the centers must be on Division 2 Adult or higher level. The other two (2) games must be on U-19, or higher, affiliated league.
- Upgrade from 6 to 5; Two (2) games as the Center referee & one (1) as AR in an affiliated, top adult, Division 1 league.

Assessor/referee assignments are posted below.

Contact and schedule game with one of your assigned assessors: (link to page containing Assessor Assignment excel file)
- Please afford the assessor ample notice of your assignment. Last minute notice is not acceptable.
- If you encounter scheduling difficulties with your assigned assessors please contact the SDA for other available assessors.

Click Here for Assessor Contact List (Adobe PDF)

Click Here for Assessor Referee Assignments(Adobe PDF)

Assessor Report of Game Officials: