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ODP General Info

General PA West Soccer ODP Team Information:

Purpose of the Olympic Development Program
The US Youth Soccer Association's Olympic Development Program is the program responsible for developing and identifying United States National Team players.  PA West Soccer is one of 55 state soccer associations that participate in this program.  Players selected through US Youth Soccer's Olympic Development Program play for US Soccer National Youth teams and/or US Youth Soccer ODP representative teams.

Our Program in PA West Soccer Association
Annually, PA West Soccer's ODP Teams provide open try-outs, quality training and travel to two Region 1 Olympic Development Program events for male and female players living or playing in Western PA. Teams are selected from the following birth years: 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, and 1996 only.

PA West ODP Team Selection
As of last year, the PA West Soccer ODP Teams for each age group will be selected through a dual process of open try-outs and scouting.  All players must register.  Players may be added to each team after the open try-outs.

Depending on the number of players, a pool of players may need to be announced that could be trimmed to a team squad in March.  Rosters for each age group will be "fluid" and allow for squad rotation until the end of May.

By the end of May, a final team squad will be announced and all age groups will train to participate in several regional events:  Region 1 Olympic Development Program Tournament in June and Region 1 Identification Camps in July.

Some players will not be selected to a PA West Soccer ODP Team through either scouting or participation in a try-out.  If a player feels that an oversight has occurred, their CLUB COACH can contact the Director of Coaching to discuss scouting options in the spring.

Bruce Arena, former US Men's National Team Head Coach, is a strong supporter of US Youth Soccer's Olympic Development Program.   Recent surveys of US National Teams show that nearly every player participated in this program.   Players in the United States, unlike most other countries, have a unique opportunity to participate in their National Team player selection process.   Whether players have a compelling chance of being recognized as a US National Team player or not, coaches and parents in PA West Soccer should encourage and enable players to participate on a PA West Soccer ODP teams because of the benefits of exposure to the "next level of play."