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Constitution/Bylaw Amendments Due

Time To Submit Proposed Amendments To Constitution And Bylaws
At the 2019 PA West Soccer Association Annual General Meeting of the State Council on Sunday, July 14, 2019 will consider proposed amendments to the association governing documents.

Proposed amendments to the PA West Soccer Constitution and Bylaws are due May 14, 2019.  All members, officers and Executive Board members, the division directors and committees, referee and coaching divisions have the right to submit proposals for amending the Constitution or the Bylaws.

All proposed amendments must include the current Constitution or Bylaw provision in its entirety followed by the proposed amendment.  The current provision should have strike through marks through any language to be removed and the proposed amendment should have all new language underlined.  The submission should also explain the rationale for the proposed amendment.

Amendments will be reviewed by the Constitution and Bylaw Committee.  The committee will present the proposed amendments at the AGM; it will also make recommendation about each proposal prior to the vote for that proposed amendment.

Submissions should be sent to PA West Soccer, 111 Whitehead Lane, Suite 200, Monroeville, PA  15146.  If you have questions you may contact Tim McCoy at 412-856-8011 during normal business hours. 



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