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2014 State Cup Draw
Below are links to the draws for each age group drawn on Wednesday, March 26.  Each link includes the order of draw on page one and the brackets on page two.

U12 Boys
U12 Girls
U13 Boys
U13 Girls
U14 Boys
U14 Girls
U15 Boys
U15 Girls
U16 Boys
U16 Girls
U17 Boys
U17 Girls
U18 Boys
U18 Girls

2013 State Cup Results
The schedule and complete results for this year's State Cup has been posted. 

2013 State Cup Champions and Finalists
Age Group Champion Finalist
U12 Boys    Beadling      AFFC
U12 Girls     Arsenal Northern Steel
U13 Boys     Century V Beadling
U13 Girls Century V PA Crew
U14 Boys Century V     Century V
U14 Girls Beadling       Northern Steel
U15 Boys Arsenal North United
U15 Girls     Beadling PA Crew
U16 Boys Century V Stars United
U16 Girls Beadling Arsenal
U17 Boys Century V Victory Express
U17 Girls Beadling Century V
U18 Boys Beadling Northern Steel
U18 Girls North United Beadling
U19 Boys     Beadling        none
U19 Girls none none

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2010 PA West Soccer State Cup Schedule and Results Page 

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