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State Cup

Regional Wildcards
In addition to our state champions heading to Regionals in Virginia, PA West Soccer has also received wildcard berths for 13 Boys and 15 Girls.  The wildcards mean PA West Soccer will two teams in those age groups and a total of 18 teams to the second round of the US Youth Soccer National Championships.
2017 State Cup Takes Shape
The PA West Soccer State Cup will have a bit of a different look in 2017.  The first round games will be played at a date and time determined by the teams with the team drawn into the home team slot hosting the match.  Winners advance to the second round which will be played on Saturday, May 20 at Slippery Rock University.  The competition's semi-finals will be contested the following day on Sunday, May 21 also at SRU.  The finals will be played on Sunday, June 4 at Turner Valley Soccer Complex.
Deadline for 19 boys and girls teams to register for the 2017 PA West Soccer State Cup without a late fee is May 2, 2017.
2017 State Cup Rules:  Click Here
2017 Schedule and Results:  Click Here
Round Locations
U13-U18 Boys and Girls First Round - hosted by team drawn into home slot
U12 Round Robin - May 20-21...Boys at SRU; Girls at USC Recreation Center
U13-U19 Boys and Girls Second Round - May 20...Slippery Rock University
U13-U19 Boys and Girls Semi-finals - May 21...Slippery Rock University
U12 Boys and Girls Semi-finals - June 3...USC Recreation Center
U12-U19 Finals - June 4...Turner Valley Soccer Complex
2017 State Cup Draw

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2015 State Cup Tournament Gallery

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What is the US Youth Soccer National Championship/PA West Soccer State Cup? 
The State Cup Championship is a tournament held within each state association. Teams whose age is from U-12 to U-19 (boys and girls) may enter the state cup competition provided they play in a qualifying league and U-12 to U-13's must play in the fall and spring. The league competition must consist of a minimum of six games against each of the different teams in the leagues. The winners of the U-12 through U-19 age groups will represent Western Pennsylvania at the regional tournament.
Tournament Format
The format of the PA West Soccer State Cup features single elimination play for the U13-U19 age groups.  The tournament will utilize single site play for the first and second round and an additional weekend of single site play for the semi-finals and finals.   

Seeding: The top four teams finishing the previous year's tournament will be seeded in order of finish provided the team has continuity of roster with the previous year’s roster. The champion will be the Number One seed and the finalist the Number Two seed, the Number Three seed will be the team that lost to the previous year's champion in the semi-finals, and the Number Four sedd will be the team that lost to the previous year's finalist in the semi-finalist.  

All other teams (U13 and older) will be blind drawn into a second round group or first round game depending upon the number of entries in the age group and the number of groups needed per tournament rules. 

The U12 age group shall be blind drawn into a round robin competition that will advance teams into semi-final and final rounds.

Complete Games
The State Cup Committee reminds teams that any game reaching halftime shall be deemed a completed game if play is unable resume.

What are the US Youth Soccer Region I Championships? 
The Region I Championship is one of four regional tournaments comprising the next-to-highest level of a nationwide tournament whose objective is to determine national champions. Regional Championships are held for age groups U-12–U-19 (boys and girls). Regional Champions in the U-14–U-19 age groups advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships. 

What is the US Youth Soccer National Championship? 
The US Youth Soccer National Championship is the highest level competition of youth soccer in the country. Four teams—regional and state champions from their respective associations—compete in each age group to earn the title of US Youth Soccer National Champion. The tournament consists of round robin play with the two teams accumulating the greatest number of points playing a fourth game for the National Championship.
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