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Region I President Cups Returns In 2015
US Youth Soccer announced on Monday the 2015 Region I Presidents Cup would return to PA West Soccer. The regional event will be held at Slippery Rock University and Graham and N. Boundary Parks in Cranberry over the 2015 Memorial Day weekend.

US Youth Soccer National Championship Series Policy Change
The US Youth Soccer Board of Directors approved a policy change to the National Championship Series rules policy 241 Section 3 subsection (e) at its September meeting.  The policy becomes effective immediately.

The now policy reads,
“At every level of the National Championships competitions, a player or team official at a game site to participate in a game or associated activity of the competitions may only have on the outer wear of the player or team official a name, logo, or other identifying mark of a youth soccer organization that is US Youth Soccer, a State Association, or other member of US Youth Soccer, a member of a State Association, or an organization that is a member of an organization that is a member of a State Association.  A name, logo, or other identifying mark of any other youth soccer organization must be removed, replaced, or covered before the player or team official may continue to remain at the game site for the game or associated activity.”

In this policy, the language “or associated activity” was added.  Essentially, the policy requires all coaches, managers, club administrators and players of a team competing in the State Cup, Regional Championships, or National Championships to have all garments that show logos, names, or other identifying marks to be those of the club affiliated with PA West Soccer while they are at the competition site.  The new language further specifies in addition to the game site that it is required for all associated activity of the competition.

An example of enforcement would be explained this way.  The player, coach or administrator’s club is the General Butler Vagabonds, as specified by their affiliation with PA West Soccer, the aforementioned club members can’t wear jackets, warm-ups, uniforms or other apparel that is those of the Butler Generals.  Further, this not only applies to the matches but at all times the individuals are at the game site or other functions related to the competition like awards ceremonies, informational meetings, and the tournament draw.  A player or coach/administrator failing to comply or rectify the problem would be required to leave the game or event site.