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Coaching Course Schedule

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Date Course Cost Location
3-5 E License 135.00 Norwin MS
3-5 D License - Wk 1 250.00, covers both weekends LakeVue, Valencia
10-12 D License - Wk 2 Cost covered in initial fee Steel Valley
18-19 E License 135.00 Cal U
 9-10 GK Level 2 120.00 LakeVue, Valencia
204 D License - Wk 2 Cost covered in initial fee LakeVue, Valencia
#USSF F License is a pre-requisite for the E License
**E License has preparatory work that must be completed prior to the course.
Mandatory Minimum Coaching Licenses requirements to coach in PA West Soccer - Click Here

Coaching Course Fees – Fee are NOT refundable but coach has 12 months to use credit for future courses with PA West. After 12 months unused credit will be lost. PA West Technical Director makes the final decisions on all refund request.

To schedule a Licensing Course please contact Amy Fogle.