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Procedure for Hosting a PA West State Coaching Course:
A PA West Soccer District or Club organization wishing to host a State Coaching Education course will need to assign a site coordinator who will be the liaison between the hosting organization and the Director of Coaching Development.
The responsibilities of the site coordinator will include:

  1. Contact the PA West Soccer Director of Coaching and Player Development to establish a date and times for the course.  This should be done well in advance of the course commencement. 
  2. Arrange adequate facilities.  The facilities should include a large classroom and access to a soccer playing area.  Access to a gymnasium would be necessary for inclement weather and during the winter months.
  3. Publicize the course and notify participants of the date, time and location.  The State Office will process registration of applicants through the on-line system.
  4. Confirm the attendance for the course by contacting the State Office five (5) days prior to the start of the course.


  1. Each course must meet the minimum attendance policy unless otherwise agreed to by the PA West Soccer Director of Coaching and Player Development or pay the minimum deposit.  The minimums are as follows:
    State Youth Module: cost - $225.00 (to be refunded if there are 15 participants or more) 
    "E" License: cost - $75/each (non PA West registered cost is $105), min. 16 / max. 30 participants 
    "D" License: cost - $175/each, must have at least 24 participants for course to run
  2. Facilities must accommodate the number of registered applicants.
  3. Course cost includes:  Instructor's fee, instructional booklets and manuals.  The hosting organization will be responsible for the rest of the expenses (i.e. facility rental, etc).

If your organization is interested in hosting a PA West Soccer State coaching license course, please download and fill out the "Request to Host" form and remit to:

PA West Soccer Association
attn: Coaching Education
111 Whitehead Lane
Suite 200
Monroeville, PA  15146

Click Here for Request to Host Coaching School form.

Request to Host Form (pdf)
Request to Host Form (word)

*To download PDF files, you will need the Adobe Acrobat software installed on your computer. If you have the software, the forms will open automatically in your browser. If you need to download the free software, click the Adobe Acrobat button below.