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Advertise With PA West Soccer
PA West Soccer offers several avenues to reach the soccer community of western Pennsylvania that includes over 55,000 youth and adult players, coaches, referees, and volunteers. You can choose from publications, internet, and direct mail options.


PA West Soccer’s Touchline is published quarterly and mailed to over 38,000 soccer households. Touchline is a 24-page newspaper that is printed in a tabloid format. Content includes the latest news from our adult and youth divisions, player development news and information, coaching development news and information, a section devoted to all things referee related, a page highlighting the latest news from our TOPSoccer programs, and general interest soccer news from US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, US Adult Soccer, and the pro ranks.

Ad space is available in eighth page, quarter page, half page, and full page dimensions. All ads are subject to space availability and association approval.

PA West Soccer also publishes a bi-monthly Administrative Newsletter that is mailed to four administrators of each youth club. Advertisers may pay to have an insert included in the mailing. For more information contact Tim McCoy by email at

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Internet/Web Advertising

PA West Soccer’s web site is available to members and non-members around the clock, seven days a week. A simple click of the mouse, maybe two, and the latest news, current coaching course schedule, referee happenings, youth events, and much more are available.

The web site averages over 12,000 unique visitors each month with over 4,000 visitors using the site multiple times each month. There are also over 2500 members registered to our web site email service.

PA West Soccer sells banner space on the web site home page and interior pages, as well email blasts. Dimensions for web banners and rates for banners and email blasts are available on our Internet rate card. All ads are subject to space availability and association approval.

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Direct Mail

PA West Soccer rents the use of mailing lists from our database for direct mail pieces. For more information about renting lists please contact Cheryl Mignogna by email at